Symposium (1991)
Andante lugubre (1993)
Sforzati (1997-98)
Carian Diary (2001)
Portamento lento (2002)
Four Turkish Folk Songs (2010)
Haydar Haydar (2015)
Plural (2020)

chamber ensemble
Sinfonietta, wind instruments, timpani and xylophone (1989-90)
Symphonic Dances, 7 percussionists (1999-2000)
Reflections, piano and nine performers (2006)
Countryside Landscapes: Winter, fourteen string instruments (2007)
Uzun Hava, eight winds and two string instruments (2011)
…we talked, the sound of water in our palms…, chamber ensemble (2019)

chamber music
Artvin Dance, brass quintet (1991)
Sonata, violin and piano (1992)
Poems with Music, six musicians and narrator (1995-96)
Wanderings, two oboes, two clarinets and alto saxophone (1996-97)
Laçin, violin, violoncello and piano (2003)
Four Pieces for Five Clarinets (2003-04)
Reflections, accordion and piano (2004-05)
Three Turkish Folk Songs, violoncello and piano (2008-09)
The Land of Beautiful Horses, string quartet (2010)
String Quartet (2012)
Five Anatolian Tunes, violin and piano (2013)
Bilmem Şu Feleğin Bende Nesi Var, violin, viola and piano (2013)
Topography of Shadow, flute and piano (2014)
Shadows of Wind, flute and piano (2014)
What the Earth Whispers, violin, violoncello and piano (2014)
Ludus Modalis, violin, violoncello and piano (2016)
Horon, double bass and piano (2016)
Aman Avcı, double bass and piano (2016)
iz, for saxophone quartet (2022)

solo instrument
Partita, viola (1991-92)
Face-to-Face with Saygun: Proliferations on Five Pieces from Modal Music, violin (2005)
Taqsim, clarinet (2005)
Pigeons, harp (2010)
Horon!, violin (2011)
Three Images, violin (2020)

Movement 1 (1994)
Movement 2 (1998)
Movement 3 (2001)
Movement 4 (2001)
Movement 5 (2006)
Movement 6 (2009)
Nebulous Particles (2013)

piano duet
Two Anatolian Tunes (2015-16)

voice and piano
Nâzım Hikmet Songs, baritone and piano (1997-98)

Spoon Dance Air (1990)
Dök zülfünü meydâna gel, polyphonic arrangement (1991)
Allam alam, polyphonic arrangement for choir and percussions (1994)
Kız sen geldin Çerkeş’ten, polyphonic arrangement (2001)
Onlar ki, eight-part choir (2018)
Ali Onbaşı’nın Türküsü, eight-part choir (2018)
Arkam Sensin Kalam Sensin Dağlar Hey (2018)
I’m Listening to Istanbul, eight-part choir and two reciters (2022)